Let me write your research proposals so that you can do what you do best the research. 

Research proposals are time consuming, complex, and usually due right when you've got 150 papers to mark and article revisions due yesterday. Given today's success rates, submitting a scholarship, fellowship, or grant application can feel about as promising as planting a twenty and waiting for a money tree to grow. And sending in a book proposal can feel like walking into the lion's den. 

Thankfully, you have me.

Not only am I great at getting researchers funding and book contracts, I think writing research proposals is fun. I have an outstanding research funding track record, both for my own research and for that of the people for whom I write and develop funding applications. I have extensive experience in applying to Canadian national and provincial research funding competitions, in all disciplines. I've also had lots of practice in helping humanities academics craft book proposals that make acquisitions editors drool. 

Interested? Drop me a line. 

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