For Graduate Students, Postdocs, and PhDs

  • From PhD to Life - advice, transition stories, resources, and information about the very useful Beyond the Professoriate conference
  • Versatile PhD - very useful discussion boards and resources (if your university has a subscription)
  • Chronicle Vitae - an online career hub for academics and alt-academics offering forums, advice columns, networking opportunities, and a free dossier service 
  • Hook & Eye - a feminist academic blog representing graduate student, contract faculty, tenured faculty, and alt-academic perspectives. Includes excellent academic and alt-ac "how-to" series. 
  • Science Careers - news, advice, and tools relating to academic and industry careers for STEM PhDs, including the myIPD tool and a huge job board 
  • Nature Jobs - very similar to (although less robust than) Science Careers
  • Speculative Diction - a University Affairs blog on Canadian higher ed 
  • Careers Café - a University Affairs blog on career development and the job hunt by Canadian career counsellors 
  • Carpe Careers - a similar blog to Careers Café from Inside Higher Education
  • Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS) - the national (and postdoc-run) advocacy group for postdocs in Canada 
  • Doc Pro - skills assessment and recruitment tool for PhDs 
  • "So What are You Going to Do with That?": Finding Careers Outside of Academia - a great place to start if you have no idea what careers exist that will let you do the things you like to and are good at doing; most university libraries have an e-book copy in their catalogue
  • Strengthsfinder 2.0 - a useful tool for identifying transferable skills and understanding which ones you most like to use at work
  • The Professor is In - a blog and consulting service providing advice on seeking academic (and increasingly non-academic) jobs 
  • The Professor is In: The Essential Guide to Turning Your PhD into a Job - the book version of the blog above
  • Vitae - career development resources for researchers, including the Researcher Development Framework assessment and planning tools 
  • Jobs on Toast - resources and advice for PhDs looking to make the transition into non-academic careers
  • The Cheeky Scientist - careers advice mainly aimed at STEM PhDs interested in industry careers 
  • Oystir - Resources and job search tools for STEM students, postdocs and professionals

For Faculty and Administrators

For Anyone